Air Duct Cleaning in Denver: 3 Scams to Avoid

If you come from Colorado’s capital, Denver and you own property there, the mild winters and hot summers must’ve prompted you to have a reliable HVAC system installed to keep your home warm or cool when you need it. Even with a highly functional HVAC unit, sealed vents, and insulated duct work, there comes a time when you observe signs or feel that your air ducts need to be cleaned. This is when you decide to look for a professional service provider for air duct cleaning in Denver. Even though there are several highly-experienced companies you can choose from in Denver, you should still exercise caution before making the decision on which air duct cleaning company to hire.

It has been over the news a number of times, where con artists and unscrupulous contractors take advantage of the unsuspecting homeowners and rip them off of their hard-earned money through air duct cleaning scams. But how can you tell if a company or their duct cleaning recommendation is genuine? Below are some secrets you should know about air duct cleaning in Denver: 3 scams to avoid. In other words, here are some common air duct cleaning scams in Denver and how you can identify and avoid them.

  1. The Famous Bait & Switch Duct Cleaning Trick

The bait and switch trick, is probably one of the most common tricks used by ingenuine service providers to catch or ‘prey on’ unsuspecting duct cleaning customers. Such a provider will usually give a coupon offer for the duct cleaning service as bait, whereby the service is provided at an extremely low price. Here, the low price is usually the bait. When you accept the offer and hire them for the job, they will then switch their game and recommend some upgrades that they really insist are necessary, especially after doing some inspection.  As a matter of fact, the air duct cleaning may not be necessary at that moment but they will still do it anyway.

  1. The Mold Inspection Scam

This is another very common air duct cleaning scam in the HVAC and home improvement industry according to Angie’s List’s, John Matarese. As a matter of fact, you may come across this come in other areas in Colorado and its nearby states. In this scam, the company provides you with an offer that looks very genuine; a free mold inspection service. Mold present or not, the inspection report will always indicate mold is present and that your air ducts need a special cleaning service. With mold having been ‘detected present’ the duct cleaning service is now going to cost you hundreds of dollars. Even though mold inspection may be crucial, always vet the company well for reputation before working with them.

  1. The Smoke & Mirrors Duct Cleaning Scam

In this scam, the company actually does the job but only for the visible parts of your vent system. in other words, they only perform a shallow air duct cleaning service and skip deep duct cleaning. At times, they will even push the accumulated dirt and debris deeper into the duct work, which can even leave the system in a worse shape than before. Technically, the debris lying deeper in the ductwork will continue blocking the system, making your HVAC unit work harder, increasing your energy bills, and possibly causing poorer air quality. In the end, you will end up needing another duct cleaning service within a short period of time, meaning more spending for you.

The best way to stay away from such scams is to choose an experienced, reputable, NADCA-certified HVAC professional company in Denver.  When the deal is too good to be true, think twice, especially for those duct cleaning offers that are too cheap and the contractor pressures you to immediately take action!