5 Crucial Tips When Hiring an Air Duct Cleaning Service In Denver

Air duct cleaning is one of the most essential, yet most neglected activities when it comes to HVAC maintenance and servicing. Ductwork cleaning comes with a number of benefits to the property owner, including the fact that it helps prolong the lifetime of HVAC equipment, improves air flow, improves indoor sanitation and air quality, helps cut down HVAC repair costs, and improves the efficiency of heating  and cooling systems while lowering HVAC energy costs.

When looking for a good HVAC company in Denver to hire for air duct cleaning services, however, there are a few important things to observe.  Your satisfaction and convenience in terms of service quality and the costs will largely be determined by the company you choose to hire for the job. With the huge number of such companies in the market, it can be a difficult process to determine which firm is best for the job and for you. To make the process less daunting for you, here are 5 crucial tips when hiring an air duct cleaning service you may find helpful.

  1. Start with Some Research

Whenever hiring a professional company or service contractor, it is always advisable to start by conducting some research online according to Writer; Tiffany, of the No Ordinary Homestead, and brainstorm ideas from your friends or neighbors to get referrals on some of the best companies out there. When doing your own research online, you can search through online directories such as Yelp, Angie’s list, and the Yellow pages to find companies in your area that provide duct cleaning services.  Of course, you will get a whole bunch of prospective service providers but remember that not all of them may be equally suitable and reliable in terms of experience, expertise, costs, reputation, and such. You can also contact the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), for a list and some information about such companies. From your research, make a list of about 4-6 prospective hires and vet them using the factors below:

  1. Consider Their Experience

The company you choose to hire should have a considerable level of experience in the industry. Moreover, they should have at least worked on a system like yours before. Experienced duct cleaning service providers will also employ special cleaning equipment and procedures that will protect you and your property from contamination or other kinds of damage.

  1. Certification, Compliance, and Licensing

Before hiring a particular company for air duct cleaning be sure to confirm that they are a legitimate entity and possess the relevant state licenses. Also, be sure to ask and confirm that the company complies with the NAIMA and NADCA air duct cleaning standards depending on the material your air ducts are constructed from.

  1. Reputation

Reputation is always key whenever hiring any service provider or contractor. In the case of duct cleaning service, be sure to follow through testimonials and references from previous customers to find out if they were satisfied by the service rendered to them by the particular company before hiring them. Also, be wary of duct cleaning scams. For instance, some companies will highly insist on routine duct cleaning as a compulsory part of good HVAC maintenance. Some insist that their duct cleaning services are certified by the EPA (EPA doesn’t approve, certify, or endorse duct cleanings services). Also, stay away from companies who use chemical treatments and chemical biocides whose pros and cons are not yet verified. Again, a reputable company will never recommend for duct cleaning after inspection when you actually don’t need the service, according to Jessica McDiarmid, news reporter for The Star.

  1. Service Costs

Cost is also an important consideration when hiring a ductwork cleaning service provider. Be sure to request an estimate from each of your remaining prospective hires to determine the best one for you based on the budget. Be warned that some companies charge an hourly rate whereas others charge based on factors such as the size and type of the duct system being cleaned as well as the extent of the job. As you negotiate for the cost guided by your estimate, ensure you get a written agreement indicating the total cost of the project and how long it will take before signing them up or the task.

In most cases, duct work cleaning services are provided by experienced HVAC service companies that also provide other AC-related services such as HVAC installation, furnace repair, boiler repair, AC repair, AC installation, ductwork sealing and insulation, HVAC maintenance, and much more. At times, you will find air duct cleaning included as a bonus service in the package, depending on the HVAC service company you choose to hire. Either way, your hiring job will be way much easier with the tips above.