4 Ways Air Duct Cleaning Improves HVAC Efficiency in Your Home

Among the many benefits of cleaning air ducts every once in a while is the fact that it improves heating and cooling efficiency for your property. Along with the assumed health and environmental benefits, it also helps reduce heating and cooling costs for a property owner. Proper duct cleaning can also help reduce the chances of HVAC malfunctioning and help prolong the lifetime of HVAC equipment. With the HVAC equipment’s functioning as our main focus, how can duct cleaning make your heating and cooling system’s functioning better? Below are the 4 ways air duct cleaning improves HVAC efficiency in your home, starting with what duct cleaning is exactly.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning Exactly?

Just like you may have guessed, the answer to this question lies in the name. Air duct cleaning is a service that focuses on getting rid of clogged matter such as dirt, the particulate debris, molds, mildew, spores, grime, and other common sources of blockage from your home’s ductwork. When you air ducts are clean, the air quality is improved. You continue to enjoy cleaner, fresher air in your indoor environment that is free from allergens, irritants, and contaminants. But does air duct cleaning improve HVAC efficiency really? And if so, how can the service improve heating and cooling efficiency?

How It Improves HVAC Operational and Energy Efficiency

  1. By improving Air Flow

The HVAC system, in most cases, supplies warm or cool air throughout your property via a system of ducts. In case these air ducts are clogged up by grime, and the above-mentioned particulate matter, it can obstruct proper airflow. Poor airflow results to the HVAC system working harder to get the job of circulating air done. As it struggles to do so, its operational effectiveness and efficiency can often be affected. By getting rid of these blockages through professional air duct cleaning, airflow is improved according to Gary Arena of the news.com, leading to a smooth and efficient HVAC operation.

  1. By Reducing the Chances of Damages Occurring

Clogged air ducts impede on the HVAC system proper operation. As the system struggles to supply warm or cool air throughout your home, its chances or breaking down or some of its components sustaining damages are significantly increased. And as you can expect, a problematic HVAC unit is more likely to be inefficient. By cleaning the ductwork, the chances of certain HVAC problems are reduced and so its efficiency is improved by a significant degree.

  1. Improving HVAC Energy Efficiency

According to Louis Bruno for Angie’s List, one of the many ways to improve AC energy efficiency is to ensure your vents and ducts are clean. With the air ducts clogged, your HVAC will definitely work harder to warm or cool your home as preferred. This leads to an increase in heating and cooling costs, while at the same time the system doesn’t run smoothly. Cleaning the air ducts restores proper and smooth airflow, leading to improved HVAC energy efficiency as the system works less hard to meet your air conditioning demands according to NADCA.

  1. By Prolonging the Life of Your HVAC System

The harder the HVA system works in order to deliver warm or cool air throughout your home as expected, the more its lifetime is affected. With your home’s ductwork cleaned occasionally, the HVAC unit’s life in good condition is prolonged, which also brings a positive has an impact on heating and cooling efficiency.

To enjoy improved HVAC efficiency and other benefits associated with professional air duct cleaning, it is always advisable that homeowners choose an experienced, reliable, and reputable ductwork cleaning service provider carefully. The cost of duct cleaning may depend on type and size of your ductwork, as well as the HVAC Company you choose to work with.