4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Delay Calling For Air Duct Cleaning

If you live in a place such as one of the US states where summers and winters can be quite extreme, higher chances are that you have a reliable heating and cooling system in place, most probably the ducted type. The air ducts are the channels that distribute, (deliver or remove) heated or cooled air throughout the various rooms or spaces in your home, either from the ceiling, the floor, or the wall. Most commonly though, ducts installed so that conditioned air is released from overhead. Nevertheless, these air ducts are with time, prone to getting dirty, followed by the buildup of debris consisting of contaminants such as dust, pet hair, mold, pollen, and other types of indoor air pollutants.

For various reasons, these pollutants require being eliminated through a process referred to as duct cleaning. Most HVAC find it advisable to have the air ducts cleaned at least once every one or two years, or even more frequently depending on factors such as how often your HVAC system is used and the volume of contaminants in the geographical area where your home is located. Being one of the most important HVAC system maintenance tasks, which surprisingly tends to be neglected by most homeowners, here are 4 reasons you shouldn’t delay calling for air duct cleaning when the time is due.

  1. Indoor Comfort Is At Stake

When the air ducts get dirty and clogged, it affects your heating or cooling system’s delivery in keeping your home comfortable. Musty smells, dusty air, and poor air quality will definitely affect your comfort, not forgetting that a clogged up system will not sufficiently heat or cool your home. Call an experienced duct cleaning specialist as soon s you notice the signs of dirty air ducts to avoid putting your home’s comfort in jeopardy.

  1. The Heating and Cooling Bills

Dirty air ducts tend to put some level of strain on HVAC systems. The heating or air conditioning unit tends to work harder to distribute warm or cool air throughout your home when ductwork is clogged. This ends up reducing the system’s energy efficiency, which means you end up spending more on your heating and cooling bills. On the other hand, professional air duct cleaning can help you to significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs, such as those found on review sites like Yelp!, Home Advisor, Google Sites, and others.

  1. Your Health May Depend On It

The quality of the air that you breathe indoors is critical to your health. This is especially the case for people who suffer from seasonal respiratory allergies as well as the vulnerable residents such as kids and seniors. When your air ducts are dirty, heated or cool air from your HVAC system may carry allergens such as dust mites, dust particles, pollen, mold, and other indoor air pollutants along. These may cause respiratory health issues, eye irritations, or even aggravate allergy symptoms such as asthma. Professional air duct cleaning may help make your home’s indoor environment healthier by getting rid of these allergens so you need to act quickly when it’s necessary.

  1. The Repair Costs

Dirt and clogging in air ducts also tend to increase the HVAC system’s rate of wear and tear as more strain is put on the unit to deliver conditioned or heated air throughout your home. This makes your heating or cooling system more prone to damages, meaning that your trips to the HVAC contractor for repairs may increase significantly if duct cleaning is delayed.

  1. Your HVAC System’s Lifetime

Last but not least, the life expectancy of your unit highly depends on how well you maintain it. Air duct cleaning is part of proper equipment maintenance and should, therefore, not be delayed if you want your HVAC unit to reach its expected lifetime or even last a few years more.